JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Stellar Recovery is excited to announce the addition of its new email strategy to the suite of options designed to meet the needs of consumers and clients. The new emails are in full color and give consumers a direct link to our website and payment portal.

This new strategy is fully customizable to meet the needs of individual clients that includes email scrubs to ensure that the correct consumer is receiving the communication about their account. It has also provided a significant cost savings in comparison to sending letters through traditional mail. Consumer response time is down from 18 days to 12 days. The new strategy has increased our payment portal traffic by 800%. 

Stellar has also seen an increase in inbound calls and mail responses and significant decrease in lawsuits by 85%. Chief Analytics Officer Kendra Vallarelli says, ”Stellar has seen good returns since the email strategy was implemented. We are very pleased with the results.” Stellar Recovery continues to leverage the use of technology to build its strategies to reach a diverse group of consumers.

About Stellar Recovery

Stellar Recovery, Inc is a collection agency based in Jacksonville, Fl. and is dedicated to excellence in the accounts receivable industry by meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. Stellar Recovery leverages the use of technology to drive effective and efficient collections, while eliminating risks. Visit our website at www.stellarrecoveryinc.com or contact us at 904-438-2500.

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