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A set of five different-shaped road signs that all say "Penalty" [Image by creator Argus from AdobeStock]

CFPB has Busy April - Reaches Agreements for Fines and Penalties with Two Organizations

21 April 2021

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5th Circuit Sides with Lexington Law: Affirms Decision Vacating $2.5MM Award to Debt Collectors; Finds Letters are Not Fraud

6 April 2021

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Whitepaper on Debt Collection Released by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors

13 February 2020

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CFPB Settles with Freedom Debt Relief for $25 Million

10 July 2019

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Consumers Should Work Directly with Credit Card Companies Rather Than Debt Settlement Companies, Says CFPB

9 April 2019

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Debt Collector Brings RICO Suit Against Lexington Law

7 June 2018

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FDCPA Caselaw Review for April 2018

22 May 2018

Forensic Analysis of Debt Settlement Program Participants, Commissioned by the American Fair Credit Council, Validates Economic Benefit to Consumers

22 February 2018

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Collection Boot Camp: Strategy for Success with a Collection Settlement Campaign (sponsored)

8 February 2018

Freedom Debt Relief Responds to CFPB Complaint

9 November 2017

CFPB Sues Largest Debt Relief Company, Freedom Financial

9 November 2017

FTC and 11 States Announce Actions Against Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

16 October 2017

A set of five different-shaped road signs that all say "Penalty" [Image by creator Argus from AdobeStock]

CFPB Takes Action Against "Document Preparation" Company as Debt Industry Struggles to Deal With Influx of Mass Validation Requests

16 October 2017

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Consumer's Credit Repair Agreement Becomes Issue in Collection Dispute

20 July 2017

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FTC and State of Florida Put Kibosh on Huge Debt Relief Scam

24 May 2017

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CFPB Settles With Affiliates of Debt Settlement Company For $107 Million

21 July 2016

FTC Announces Suits Against Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

26 May 2016

FTC Names Two New Defendants in Debt Relief and Credit Repair Scam

12 February 2015

CFPB Shuts Down Student Loan Debt Relief Scam as Senators Press ED on Loan Discharges

12 December 2014

FTC Shuts Down Fraudulent Debt Relief Operation

12 September 2013