Ontario Systems has announced the availability of the first integration between FACS and its on-demand dialer and messaging system, GCFlex. This new service, called GCFlex Direct for FACS, was developed with TCN, an Ontario Systems partner and leading supplier of on-demand dialer services.

GCFlex Direct is a no-obligation, pay as you go service that now features direct integration with the FACS database. This integration eliminates the time-consuming process of uploading and downloading files. Call results are delivered directly to FACS as the calls are made. These real-time updates reduce the risk of duplicate and harassing calls, while ensuring agents are working with the most up-to-date information when they speak with consumers.

The GCFlex Direct integration also features agent screen pops for inbound and outbound calls for increased agent efficiency. To aid in quality assurance and compliance, voice recordings are automatically downloaded and mapped directly to FACS, ensuring easy access for agents, supervisors and clients, or when the recordings are needed in litigation.

“The integration between FACS and GCFlex saves us hours of work every day,” said John Younggreen, Vice President of Carter-Young. “We were happy with TCN and GCFlex before the integration, but now we have the flexibility of the hosted dialer without the effort of manual data handling. It has made us more efficient and more compliant, allowing us to spend more time making money.”

GCFlex includes a full predictive dialer, high-volume messaging and IVR capabilities for agencies of all sizes. Once an agency tries GCFlex, the ease-of-use and responsive support staff keep them dialing each month.

“Our agency has been fortunate to experience significant growth over the past year and we were in need of a scalable dialer solution that would allow us to produce without the restrictions and costs that are commonly associated with hardware-based dialers,” said Jason Thompson, Director of Tiburon Financial. “The integration between FACS and GCFlex has allowed us the flexibility to add unlimited agents on demand while realizing significant cost savings within our telephony infrastructure. The support staffs at Ontario Systems and TCN have been exceptional in guiding us through this transition to ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients and customers while improving our collection efforts.”

Ontario Systems builds software to recover consumer and business payments in highly regulated industries. Featuring cloud-based solutions, highly configurable business process automation and connectivity links to data service providers, Ontario Systems helps its clients flexibly scale operations, manage complex lines of business, navigate through regulatory change and analyze how to drive better performance and results. Powered by these market-leading solutions, Ontario Systems’ clients return nearly $20 billion into the U.S. economy each year.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Muncie, IN, Ontario Systems can be found online at www.ontariosystems.com. For more information call 888.834.0051.

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