CAMAS, Wash. -- The Intelitech Group™ introduces LEVERAGE™ and OPTIQ™, new solutions that improve decision-making through evidence.

LEVERAGE is the next generation of Intelitech’s score, data, and analytics solutions. It introduces several new features for applying the right amount of the right kind of effort against account inventories. “Using data and technology to make better decisions is the core of what LEVERAGE provides.” Said Bryan Houston, Managing Partner at The Intelitech Group.


See your agency and the industry through a new lens.

OPTIQ establishes continuous improvement through tracking historical and comparative KPIs along with a framework for safe experiments to change agency operations. “I am proud of the work of our team and their ability to bring something to the market nobody else has done.  OPTIQ logically allows agencies to see a clear path to profitability.” Houston said. 

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About Intelitech

The Intelitech Group pioneered the use of machine learning based models in account segmentation and prioritization. Intelitech continues to be on the forefront of innovation with technology-enabled solutions delivered by dedicated consultants. As a result, our customers have made confident, evidence-based business decisions for over 20 years.

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