A credit card receivable is money owed to a bank or issuer on the outstanding balance in a credit card account. Because the borrower is contractually obligated to pay the balance, the creditor expects this amount to be repaid. If a borrower does not repay the balance, it is often charged off as a loss. Since credit card usage is so widespread, and account balances can soar quite high, credit card receivables form the backbone of many financial services functions, such as asset-backed securities, debt collection, and debt buying.

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Collection Letter That Failed to State Interest or Fees No Longer Accruing Does Not Violate FDCPA

5 June 2017

TransUnion Finds Struggling Consumers Pay Off Unsecured Personal Loans First

17 May 2017

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Appeals Court Affirms Ruling Against Debt Buyer for Misleading Out-of-Stat Collection Letter

30 March 2017

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Court Rules Debt Buyer’s Small Claims Court Judgment Waived Right to Arbitration in Class Action Suit

29 March 2017

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7th Cir. Holds Judgment Against Bankruptcy Debtor’s Husband Did Not Violate Co-Debtor Stay

25 January 2017

Massachusetts Proposes New Rules for Collection Litigation on Credit Card Debt

15 December 2016

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Court Holds That Interest Reference in Dunning Letter is Not FDCPA Violation

12 December 2016

Is The Tide Turning for ARM Companies Focused on Financial Services?

21 November 2016

U.S. District Court Judge Dismisses Collection Litigation Suit Against Bank of America

8 September 2016

Industry Gets Favorable Ruling in Debt Collection Envelope Case

18 August 2016

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District Court Rules in Favor of Bank in Mandatory Arbitration Case

16 August 2016

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Consent Order Compliance: Navigating The CFPB’s Unofficial “Rules” Governing Debt Collection

19 May 2016

Bank of America Hit With Class Action Over Debt Collection Litigation on Securitized Accounts

17 March 2016

CFPB Fines Citibank and Two Law Firms over Debt Sales and Debt Collection Practices

24 February 2016

Class Certification Rejected in Alleged FDCPA/RICO Suit Against Sherman Financial Group

26 January 2016

California Reaches $100M Settlement with JP Morgan Chase Regarding Debt Collection Practices

3 November 2015

The Plaintiffs' Lawyer Protection Bureau

9 October 2015

No Surprises At CFPB's Arbitration Field Hearing

8 October 2015

7th Cir. Confirms FDCPA Is Not Enforcement Mechanism for Matters Governed by Other Federal or State Laws

1 October 2015

New Academic Paper Urges CFPB to Carefully Consider Impact of Potential New Debt Collection Regulations

30 September 2015