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Chapter 5 Continues: More Protests Filed Against ED's Handling of NextGen RFP

14 November 2018


Chapter 5 Officially Begins in Department of ED Private Debt Collection Saga

11 October 2018

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ED Moves NextGen Procurement to Phase II; Changes Rules of the Game

3 October 2018


Department of Education Requests Clarification on Court’s Permanent Injunction

1 October 2018

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What's Going On Behind the Scenes Since Court Ruled Against ED?

26 September 2018


Judge Rules in Favor of PCAs; ED Permanently Enjoined from Cancelling Debt Collection Solicitation

17 September 2018


Dept. of ED: Why Proceed With a Procurement for Services that are Going the Way of the Dodo?

13 September 2018


Oral Arguments Scheduled in Dept. of ED Debt Collection Contract Protest

3 August 2018


ED Collection Contractors May Have Finally Hit a Brick Wall

19 July 2018


ED Commences Recall, Senators Weigh in, Collectors File Restraining Order, Recall Put on Hold

16 July 2018


ED Suspends Recall of Defaulted Student Loan Accounts from ATE Holders

3 July 2018

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Judge Denies Motion for TRO in FMS v. Department of ED

27 June 2018


Quest for Unrestricted Dept. of ED Collection Contract Enters Round 4

25 June 2018

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If Private Collectors Won't Be Handling Defaulted ED Loans in the Future, Who Will?

31 May 2018


ED Data Shows 109% Increase in Student Loan Defaults Over Last 4 Years; Says Small Businesses Can Handle

29 May 2018


Breaking: Judge Dismisses Cases in FMS v. ED

25 May 2018


Department of ED and Others Respond to Responses...

24 May 2018


PCAs Oppose ED's Motion to Dismiss Case; One Promises a New Protest

21 May 2018


13 Firms Plan to Oppose ED Motion to Dismiss Debt Collection Litigation

14 May 2018


Performant Reports Q1 Earnings; Offers Take on ED Contract Cancellation

10 May 2018