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CFPB Forms Taskforce to Review Federal Consumer Financial Laws, Includes Zywicki

13 January 2020

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Credit Reporting Issues Highlighted in the FTC's and CFPB's Workshop

12 December 2019

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CFPB Seeks Experts in Consumer Financial Markets, Laws, and Regulations for its New Taskforce

15 October 2019

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9th Cir. Holds No FCRA Violation by CRA When Dispute Did Not Come ‘Directly’ From Consumer

20 August 2019

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A Deeper Dive into the CFPB's Report Finding Decline in Debt Collection Credit Reporting Trends

24 July 2019

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iA Video Series: Sneak Peek at the iA Case Law Tracker—Keeping Up with Industry Case Law Made Easy

13 June 2019

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11th Cir. Rules in Favor of Mortgage Servicer in FCRA Putative Class Action Related to Reasonable Investigations

4 June 2019

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Court Compels Lexington Law to Produce Client Communications Related to Generating Credit Dispute Letters

23 April 2019

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Credit Reporting Debts in Bankruptcy: Deluge of Recent Lawsuits Reveals Risks for Financial Industry

16 April 2019

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Credit Report Inquiry Could Be a Third Party Communication That Violates the FDCPA, Says N.D. Ohio

11 April 2019

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House Holds Hearing on Proposed Expansive FCRA Changes

2 April 2019

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Divided Ninth Circuit Rejects Standing for Plaintiffs Alleging Inaccurate Credit Reports

27 March 2019