The telecommunications sector is one of the most robust and growing segments of the ARM industry. As more consumers add additional phone lines through more expensive mobile adoption, and telecom companies bundle services like cable and Internet access, telecom balances are growing even as volumes steadily increase.

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Another Court Agrees with Second Circuit- No Unilateral Revocation of TCPA Consent

14 August 2018

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Mistaken Identity and the FDCPA and FCRA

9 May 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Industry-Friendly Decision in VoIP Case

30 November 2017

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Could CFPB’s Data Sharing Principles Make Debt Collection Better Too?

19 October 2017

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District Court Rules FDCPA Plaintiff Not Entitled to Second Bite of the Apple

14 February 2017

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Federal Judge Determines That 18 Calls Over Two-Week Period Does Not Violate FDCPA

6 December 2016

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NY Judge Sanctions Plaintiff Attorney for Making Mountain Out Of Molehill

15 November 2016

CBE Leaders Highlight TRMA Speaker Schedule

9 September 2016

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N.C. Fed. Court Rejects Defendant’s TCPA Arguments as to ‘Revocation of Consent,’ ‘ATDS’

4 May 2016

New Accounts Receivable Management Provider Combines a History of Strong Revenue Performance with a Meticulous Focus on Compliance and Consumer Relationships

6 April 2016

CBE Companies and Diversified Consultants, Inc. to Speak about Data Quality’s Impact on the Receivable Management Industry at TRMA Conference

8 March 2016

Supreme Court Enforces Mandatory Arbitration Provision in California

15 December 2015

New York AG Investigates T-Mobile’s Advertising and Debt Collection Practices

9 December 2015

Sprint to Pay $2.95 Million Penalty to Settle FTC Charges It Violated Fair Credit Reporting Act

22 October 2015

Does the ARM Industry REALLY Need another Conference?

8 September 2015

CFPB's First Monthly Complaints Report Could Use More Context

16 July 2015

Time Warner Cable Slapped by Judge in Hard to Believe TCPA Case

9 July 2015

LiveVox Discusses How Cloud can Simplify Agency Management/Auditing with Industry Experts at TRMA 2015

10 March 2015

National Debt Collection Agency MRS BPO Partners with American Capital Recovery

5 January 2015

AT&T Enters $45 million TCPA Settlement; External Collection Agencies Also Involved

8 October 2014