With success in the ARM and collection industry being volume-driven, and  clients demanding cheaper rates and faster results, we need to ensure faster inventory (debt) turnover (collections). An effective collections and case management solution offering ways to automate the collection process can offer significant advantages in this direction. It has been found to be particularly effective for managing instances involving multiple claims, and other activities that get increasingly complicated as the journey from claims received to actual collections lengthens.

Download this informative whitepaper/guide from AgreeYa that aims to identify the applicability and benefits of a modern, digitally agile collection and case-management solution, with a focus on its scope for the attorney-collection business. Insights are based on information gathered from first-hand interviews, extensive desk research, and experience gained from over 10,000 hours of technology consulting and software implementation for some of the leading names in the collection/accounts receivable management (ARM) industry.