Your organization may be mandated to conduct penetration tests. While it might be tempting to check the box using the lowest cost provider, an effective penetration test can do much more than merely complete a compliance requirement.

Effective penetration tests will enable your organization to understand how your systems will respond under attack. You can rest assured you have taken every reasonable precaution to maintain the integrity and security of the data entrusted to your care.

Seasoned ethical hackers are passionate about identifying vulnerabilities before there is an issue and working with our clients to efficiently remediate when necessary. Penetration testing experts use a wide range of tools and techniques including:

But with so many companies offering Penetration Testing services, how do you evaluate providers? Below are the key traits to look for in a penetration tester:

Expertise in Automated and Manual Tools
Even the most inexperienced penetration tester can run automated tools. It is important to use experienced ethical hackers who can appropriately select the right tool based on your environment for maximum detection. No single tool is sufficient for every organization’s environment.

Provides Detailed Remediation Guidance
It’s one thing to alert you to an issue, it is entirely another to provide detailed guidance on how best to remediate it. Your penetration tester should provide comprehensive information on how best to remediate an issue, including time estimates and screen shots where appropriate.

Tailored Severity Guide
Severity should not be determined solely based on what the tool says but should consider the business impact by evaluating the process or system at risk. For example, a medium severity issue on a critical process might take priority over a high vulnerability on a non-critical system. Your penetration tester should take the time to understand your business in order to provide tailored guidance.

False Positives
There should never be a false positive on your report. Your penetration tester should take the time to validate all findings and eliminate false positives, saving you time and money.

To learn more about penetrating testing, listen to TECH LOCK’s podcast with expert Kevin Randall as he describes the latest ethical hacking techniques.

For more information about Penetration Testing from TECH LOCK email the TECH LOCK ethical hacking team.



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