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Stephanie Eidelman is CEO of The iA Institute, a media company that provides news, education, events and connection for stakeholders in the world of consumer credit and collections. A visionary and constant innovator, she has grown the company from its beginning as the publisher of a daily newsletter (insideARM) to one that influences the industry at the highest level. In addition to leading the iA team, Stephanie spends the lion's share of her time managing the Consumer Relations Consortium and the iA Innovation Council. These are membership groups that serve as think tanks and a forum for working collaboratively with a range of stakeholder groups to solve complex industry problems.

Prior to The iA Institute, Stephanie held various leadership positions in (or consulted for) media companies making the transition from print to online. Previously, she was a materials manager at aerospace manufacturer Allied Signal, and also a stage and production manager for The Walt Disney Company. Stephanie holds a BS from Northwestern University and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.

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