RICHMOND, Va. -- Spring Oaks Capital, LLC has achieved the important technical and operational milestone of having 100% of its outbound calls scheduled by machine learning models. Harnessing the power of its data to deliver optimal customer experiences and results across all engagement channels in a compliant fashion is core to Spring Oaks Capital's strategy. Some customers prefer engaging directly with its team over the phone, therefore Spring Oaks Capital believes it’s important to be as proficient over this channel as they are over digital channels.

Spring Oaks Capital has been working toward this important milestone in a deliberate way by using a test-and-learn approach over the course of a year. They systematically increased the percentage of machine learning model-driven calling with well over half being scheduled in this way since the beginning of 2021 in their buildup to 100%. Their efforts have driven a significant improvement in their efficiency and have established a true differentiator for Spring Oaks Capital.

“This milestone is a great example of how we can pass on value to sellers and credit issuers,” explains Tim Stapleford, President and CEO of Spring Oaks Capital. “For nearly two years we have made significant investments in compliance, operations, and technology to create efficiencies that enable us to bid more competitively on portfolios. This is the commercial equivalent of passing on savings to consumers. By driving more effective and efficient operational models we can afford to maximize our competitiveness when acquiring credit portfolios.”

Spring Oaks Capital’s consumer-centric mentality and industry expertise was combined with its data and model-driven culture to establish the unique processes and technical capabilities required to make this possible. Their operations leadership and analysts are closely involved with the ongoing development of their machine learning models and experiments. Their technology platform supports continuous evolution to ensure they maximize resource utilization by contacting the right customers at the right time. As they worked toward this milestone, they kept the customer and employee experience top-of-mind.

They achieved this by implementing a fully automated, secure, and compliant real-time data platform in the cloud to serve as the foundation for our machine learning models. They’ve invested in the automation and tooling required by data scientists and engineers to build and deploy new machine learning model-driven experiments responsibly and rapidly.

These investments build upon the same mechanisms they use for the deployment of all the software in their environment. They use a combination of traditional and deep learning models in production. They are constantly improving existing models and exploring and deploying new types of machine learning model architectures to improve performance. They can also build these model-driven campaigns on different customer segments due to the flexibility of Their data environment.

Spring Oaks Capital believes in focusing on this important channel and is proud of achieving this milestone. More broadly, their ability to manage and utilize their data, and rapidly deploy increasingly effective machine learning models to engage their customers how and when they prefer sets Spring Oaks Capital apart.

About the author

Paul Hurlocker is the Chief Technology Officer at Spring Oaks Capital. Previously, Paul served as the head of Capital One’s Center for Machine Learning, an in-house consultancy and center of excellence for machine learning product delivery, innovation, education, research and development, and partnership across the business. Paul joined Capital One through the acquisition of Notch, a machine learning consulting firm that Paul founded in 2014. Prior to founding Notch and serving as its Chief Executive Officer until its 2018 acquisition by Capital One, Paul served in senior software development roles at Red Hat, Affinion, Plan- G, and other leading technology firms. Paul received his Master’s in Data Science from Northwestern University.

About Spring Oaks Capital, LLC

Spring Oaks Capital is a national financial technology company, focused on the acquisition of credit portfolios. The Company subscribes to an employee and consumer-centric operating philosophy that creates high-value jobs, a significant performance lift, and the highest standards of compliance. Spring Oaks’ business strategy is rooted in innovative data-driven technology to maximize collection results and a contact platform that offers multi-channel options to meet each consumer’s communication preference. Spring Oaks has the management vision and experience to nurture a culture and DNA that is unique in the space. The executive team maintains deep experience end-to-end across the consumer finance lifecycle with some of the largest global banks and innovative FinTech platforms. To learn more about Spring Oaks and our revolutionary FinTech platform, please visit

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